Goerli to Sepolia: Evolving Base’s Testnet Infrastructure

Base is moving our test network from Goerli to Sepolia. This shift isn't just a technical move; it's a stride toward creating a more unified ecosystem.

Why the Move to Sepolia?

  • Walking Hand in Hand with Optimism: As both Optimism and Base have a shared vision for a superchain future, moving to Sepolia created a more unified ecosystem.

  • Fostering App Development: Sepolia's environment is tailored for app development, aligning with the core purpose of our testnet.

Goodbye Goerli, Welcome Sepolia

  • Base Goerli and Sepolia will co-exist from mid-October until January 2024. At that point, Sepolia will become our singular testnet.

We're excited about the fresh opportunities this testnet change brings to the table. The move to Sepolia marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of a more harmonized ecosystem, offering new avenues for cooperation with Optimism, app developers, and our entire builder community.

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