It’s Onchain Summer 🟡 and Base is open for bridging

By Jesse Pollak

TL;DR: Since we announced Base, our mission has been clear and consistent: bring the next million builders and billion users onchain. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our next step in that journey: Base is now open for bridging, and mainnet will be open for everyone on August 9. To celebrate, we’re helping throw a party: it’s Onchain Summer!

We’re committed to uplifting builders and creators - the tinkerers, the curious, the ones who live in and see the future - in real life, online, and onchain. We believe in the transformative power of that builder community: when you combine new ideas, technologies, and people, you have an unwavering force for change. And we believe that change is an onchain future that enables an open, global economy that increases economic freedom and puts everyone on a level playing field.

Our next step begins today: Base is now open for bridging and Base mainnet will open for everyone and everything on August 9th. Over the next week, you’ll begin to see dapps across the onchain ecosystem turn on Base support and new ones launch.

It’s Onchain Summer — and we’re celebrating

To celebrate the general availability launch of Base on August 9th, we’re kicking off Onchain Summer, a month-long onchain festival put on by 50 of the best builders, brands, products, artists, and creators. Every day in August, they’ll be bringing you something fun thing to do onchain, highlighting art, music, gaming, advocacy, and more.

Empowering everyone with 100+ ETH in grants

We have an incredible group of creators building Onchain Summer — but we know that bringing the world onchain is bigger than any one of us, and we want everyone to get involved. We are thrilled to announce grants for those building and creating on Base this summer together with PropHouse.

In addition to grants, we’ve teamed up with other Superchain members to host a virtual hackathon, Superhack, from August 4-18. The hackathon will feature $125,000 in prizes. Apply here.

Get ready by learning about and bridging to Base

To get ready for Onchain Summer and Base Mainnet, all you’ll need is a crypto wallet with ETH on Base. There are six easy ways you can bridge to Base:

  1. Onchain Summer. Mint the commemorative Bridge to Base NFT while bridging ETH to Base at

  2. Base Bridge: Bridge ETH to Base by visiting and minting a commemorative NFT.

  3. Quests on Coinbase: Learn about Base, bridge ETH, mint a commemorative NFT and earn enough ETH for about ten transaction fees on Base while supplies last. Complete the quest either in your Coinbase app (open link on mobile) through “Learning Rewards” or in your Coinbase Wallet app through the “Explore” or “Browser” tabs.

  4. Galxe: Learn about and bridge to Base with Galxe. You’ll be able to mint an NFT and earn a chance at a small ETH reward (while supplies last) after completing the quiz and bridging to Base. Start collecting loyalty points to climb up the leaderboard.

  5. Layer3: Complete a Bridge to Base quest on Layer3. Learn about Base, complete the quiz, bridge ETH, mint your commemorative NFT and get an ETH reward in your wallet.

  6. Anyone can mint to bridge with and get your mint fee of 0.001 ETH back on Base. If you’re a pass holder, you can mint for free and get your NFT and a small amount of Base ETH for free. (For both offers, while supplies last.)

Bridge to Base with any wallet, including Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Safe, Brave, Rabby, Frame, Exodus, Trust Wallet,, and Frontier.


Join the onchain future

It’s Onchain Summer — and we want you to be a part of it. To join in the celebration, visit, bridge ETH to Base, and subscribe to stay updated on the latest mints starting August 9.

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