Base is bringing Art Week onchain

TLDR: Base is helping bring onchain and real-world art to Art Basel in Miami Beach with Base Hunt and Base House from Dec 8-10. Base Hunt invites everyone to participate (either online or IRL) in a “treasure” hunt across Miami, highlighting art, culture, and media across the city. Base House is a physical interactive space at Ampersand Studios, weaving onchain art and culture into the fabric of the city. Both are open to all.

Base is coming to Art Basel in Miami Beach for the first time. We’re excited to be on the ground telling the story of how artists of all kinds are moving onchain to create the new generation of digital creativity, putting ownership and transparency back into the hands of the people.

If you’re coming to Art Basel in Miami Beach, come have some fun onchain with us at Base Hunt and Base House. Base Hunt is a treasure hunt through the city of Miami, where participants explore the city, discovering and collecting onchain art along the way. Base House is our physical space at Ampersand Studios that will showcase onchain creativity of every kind, where we’ll be joined by dozens of artists pioneering the onchain future.

Base Hunt – An Onchain Treasure Hunt

See Art. Mint Art. Unlock Art.

Join us (either online or on the streets of Miami) with Base Hunt, starting Dec 8, 11am ET through Dec 9, 8pm ET. We’ve created a virtual and physical treasure hunt that integrates onchain digital art into the city itself, providing an opportunity to explore the streets and engage with local landmarks. Base Hunt will include exclusive onchain work from artists including Jack Butcher, Danny Cole, Vinnie Hager, Vivian Fu, Jen Stark, Zombie Zoo Keeper, Andrew Benson, and more.

As participants journey through Miami, they’ll discover and scan QR codes to collect onchain art, adding each piece to their collection and leveling up points to unlock limited merchandise back at Base House. If you’re not in Miami you can also participate in a smaller version of Base Hunt online.

How to Get Started

  1. Download Coinbase Wallet: Base Hunt Miami uses Coinbase Wallet for the IRL treasure hunt with no mint fees or gas fees, all powered by Base.

  2. Check Out the Map: Explore locations around Miami or join the hunt online.

  3. Find the Locations: Head to each location to find the QR code. Just scan the code and the NFT will automatically get dropped in your Coinbase Wallet.

  4. Access Exclusive and Limited Merchandise: The more onchain digital art you collect, the higher you level up. Do onchain activities, such as buying coffee at Base Cafe, and get point boosts too. Come back to Base House to redeem rewards based on your level.

All players, both online and IRL, can contribute their points to collectively unlock a one to one open edition from a secret artist.

Learn more about how to get started with Base Hunt here.

Base House – Bringing Onchain Art to Miami

Base House, located at Ampersand Studios, Wynwood, Miami, will be open to all guests from Dec 8-10 (Friday and Saturday: 11am - 8pm. Sunday: 11am - 4pm).

Base House will bridge the gap between the physical and onchain digital worlds. At the heart will be the Onchain Gallery, showcasing hundreds of digital art collections created exclusively on Base — guests can mint and own your favorite pieces on the spot.

The venue will also host speaking sessions, panels, and partner activations, showcasing the breadth of ways artists are leveraging the powerful advantages of blockchain:

  • Listen to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5s long lost studio recording, released onchain via

  • Mint new artwork from legendary generative artists including Joshua Davis, Anna Carreras, and Landlines, powered by Highlight

  • Bring your sketches onchain in seconds with Ensemble’s mintable sketchbooks

  • Meet artists from Stratosphere by Sabet and view works for hundreds of other onchain collections on Layerr

  • …and more

Livepeer, an onchain video streaming platform, will be live streaming from Base House throughout the weekend, so even if you aren’t in Miami, you’ll be able to join us.

Register here to join Base House.

Join the Movement

This is more than an event; it's a look into our onchain future. Whether you're an artist, a traditional art connoisseur, or love the blockchain, Base is creating a space at Art Basel in Miami Beach to celebrate art.

We look forward to sharing this unforgettable adventure with you. Stay tuned for more details, and mark your calendars.

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