Introducing Base Camp: Learn Smart Contract Development At Your Own Pace

Tl;dr. Learn smart contract development with Base Camp, a self-paced learning program. You can work through educational content and practical learning exercises, and develop confidence in your ability to build and deploy onchain apps.

We launched Base with a single goal in mind: empowering developers with a secure, low-cost platform to easily build dapps that deliver utility and value, and help bring the next billion people onchain.

As we strive to onboard the next billion onchain users, we must first usher in the next million builders. This bold vision demands empowering builders with the right skills. But the fundamentals of onchain development – writing smart contracts – can be very complex for new builders.

That's where Base Camp comes in: a free, self-paced learning program designed to guide developers, beginners and advanced, through smart contract development. With Base Camp, you can equip yourself with the basic knowledge required to start writing and deploying smart contracts, and building your dream dapp on the new internet.

What you’ll get from Base Camp

Base Camp is packed with practical, easy-to-follow modules that cover the essentials: from the fundamentals of Ethereum to Solidity programming language, to development environments and token standards.

As you complete each module, you'll earn a one-of-a-kind NFT badge (issued on Base testnet) to mark your accomplishment. By the time you wrap up Base Camp, you'll have deployed 10+ smart contracts, and be ready to start working on your own onchain creations.

Our aim is to offer you a smooth entry point into smart contracts and onchain development while boosting your confidence in your newfound abilities.

We believe that onchain is the new online, and with Base Camp, we're set on providing developers with the tools, resources, and education needed to create the next big thing onchain.

We can't wait to see what you'll build.

Start learning today

Get started with Base Camp today on

Move through the program at your own pace. Work from the beginning if you’re an enthusiast looking to get a solid understanding of Ethereum. Or, dive right into the practical exercises.

We're in this to push the boundaries of what's possible – one smart contract at a time.

Connect with us

Have questions in a specific area? Check out the #base-camp channel on our Discord.

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