Join Base Bootcamp and Learn to Build Onchain

TL;DR: Base Bootcamp is an eight-week, cohort-based program to turn experienced developers into smart contract developers.

The Foundation for Building Onchain

At Base, our vision is to onboard the next million builders and billion users onchain. Today, there are fewer than 30,000 onchain developers, compared to nearly 30 million software developers. To build towards a decentralized and open global ecosystem, it’s clear that we need to open the pathway for more onchain developers.

Earlier this year, we launched Base Camp—a publicly available curriculum designed to teach developers how to build and deploy smart contracts.

However, keeping the momentum to learn a complex new skill alone can be difficult. To help developers further in their journey, we’re excited to launch Base Bootcamp: an eight-week program designed to turn experienced developers into smart contract developers. Base Bootcamp will make learning interactive and collaborative, with support from experienced engineers and dedicated mentors.

How it Works

Base Bootcamp is designed for experienced developers (mid to senior level Software Engineering individual contributors) who are interested in learning smart contract development.

Each cohort is small, with fewer than twenty students. This way, we can ensure that the learning experience remains personal and hands-on.

Students who are selected to the program will have:

  • Dedicated mentorship: Students will be paired with a mentor whom they will meet on a weekly basis

  • Access to Base and Coinbase engineers: A curated group of engineers will host optional, regular office hours throughout the program to help students work through challenges

  • A gated Discord channel: Students can connect and collaborate with their cohort, Coinbase engineers, and program mentors in a gated Discord channel

  • Learning materials developed by Base engineers: Students will work through the comprehensive, publicly available Base Camp curriculum, as well as get additional resources and assignments graded by the team

During the final two weeks of the program, participants will work on their final project—a real-world dapp—and demo it to their cohort.

The program is designed to fit the schedule of full-time professionals. You can work through the content at your own pace, and meet with your mentor around your schedule.

Help Build the Onchain Future

Base Bootcamp isn’t just a learning journey; it’s a passage toward becoming an integral contributor to the new internet—a place where your ideas come to life and help build the onchain future.

Applications for the coming cohort will close on October 27. Apply today.

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