Get onchain with Base @ ETHDenver

TLDR: Base will be at ETHDenver from February 29 - March 3.

Base is coming to ETHDenver to connect with the builder community, bringing Home Base to the show floor from February 29 - March 3. Come by from 9am to 6pm to experience the best of onchain culture and creativity.

At Home Base, you can:

  • Attend interactive demos and workshops hosted by teams from across the Base ecosystem, including Coinbase, SmallBrain, PurpleDAO, Moonwell, ETHLas, fxhash, Refraction, and more

  • Connect with builders who’ve built sticky onchain apps & experiences on Base

  • Meet the core Base team on the ground, and get first-hand information about resources available for Base builders (Base Grants, Base Bootcamp, Base Guides)

  • Have fun onchain: Play the onchain game Base Hunt to win merch and prizes (more information coming next week), mint onchain art, and explore unique onchain experiences being built on Base

Stay up to date with our programming here.

Home Base is your hub for creativity, culture, and connections on the show floor — and we'll be providing fun moments throughout the day.

Want to meet other Farcaster x Builders?

We’re hosting a Base Meetup at the Farcaster Happy Hour: Join us for a Base Meetup at the Farcaster Happy Hour hosted by Purple DAO, Eventcaster, POAP, and Privy on Saturday, March 2nd from 6 - 11pm MST. Join us for a surprise & delight Frame to IRL experience.  Sign up here.

If you’re looking for even more time with Base, check out Club Hologram (Thursday, February 29). Presented by Wormhole, AMD, and Base, Club Hologram is a place to connect with builders by day, and interactive installations by night. Apply to attend.

Meet us at ETHDenver

Base is for builders, and we’re at ETHDenver to help you build. We can’t wait to see you.

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